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Welcome to the Ken Van Wagenen website. This site is dedicated to the sharing of basic information concerning the life and times of the Van Wagenen family, including earlier, current, and later generations. These lives are spread out geographically and touch various locations throughout the world.

Included in this website are short descriptions of various family members and life experiences that have occurred. There is also a genealogy of sorts for the family members and anyone interested in understanding these passionate and caring family members. Some of these people have left us now and are doing new and more important but less defined work on the “other side of the veil.” Although gone, their influences are still felt daily in the lives of those they touched.

Ken Van Wagenen made his career in the money management business for a large commercial bank. Working locally in Los Angeles allowed him to be actively involved in the lives of his children, Melissa and Ryan Van Wagenen.  As described throughout the website, he worked for three decades focused upon the hard work of handling and managing the investment portfolios for wealthy individuals and institutional accounts. His business grew rapidly and he was often recognized for his commonsense risk-averse style of management. He focused upon adding value to each of his client’s accounts.

Many found in this site are living today completing a life of meaning and interest as they feel so inclined. There are hobbies and work stories including a number of music videos, both recorded live and produced specifically written to record. These are all original music compositions written and produced for fun. None of those people found in this site are professional musicians per se, but a number of the family members have been drawn to music and music related content.

The maternal grandparents of Ken Van Wagenen (the deJong family), were distinguished in music and teaching. Gerrit deJong, Jr., grandfather of Ken Van Wagenen, organized the College of Fine Arts at Brigham Young University. Dr. deJong was the first Dean of the College of Fine Arts and was recognized in many ways for his service to the University, including by naming the Fine Arts Center’s music auditorium after him. Dr. deJong wrote a hymn for the LDS hymn book and taught and performed musically for decades himself. Other family members early in the 20th century performed in dance bands all around the Utah area. Several of the music videos included were written and recorded for the promotion of BYU college football. These videos included herein spiked student interest early on and more than one half million views have been logged by YouTube as interested listeners recognized the catchy tune and clever lyrics found in the songs recorded. 

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