London Aerial Views

Aerial views compliments of Jason Hawkes.  Jason is one of the world's most prolific aerial photographers. In this video, Hawkes has beautifully captured, from dusk to dawn, footage of London's world famous tourist sights.  

Sites to Visit in London

Westminster Abbey


Big Ben


The Shard


Buckingham Palace


Hyde Park


St Paul's Cathedral


London, England


Significance for the Van Wagenen Family

London was always the city of intrigue for me.  When I was a child and heard the English rock bands like the Beatles, I dreamed of living in England and adopting that proper English accent.  I didn't quite get to live in England, but I did get close when I requested my local church leaders to submit my interest in a foreign but english-speaking mission.   As luck and inspiration would have it, my two year church service relocated me to Scotland and Ireland.

I am pleased to have my son, Ryan Van Wagenen, going back to the UK to continue his career in investment banking at Citi.  One of the best trips I've taken was visiting Ryan when he worked in London in 2012.  I eagerly anticipate making more trips to my English home-away-from-home.