Ryan Van Wagenen

Ryan Van Wagenen Los Angeles

About Ryan

Ryan Van Wagenen is headed back to London at Citi in their Investment Banking division. He will continue to advise corporate clients in the Industrials sector with focus on mergers & acquisitions.  He will cover companies that are domiciled in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

After graduating from college, Ryan started his professional career in Investment Banking at Citi in 2010 based out of the New York office. He loved the experience living in the concrete jungle and walking to work everyday past the new Freedom Tower in the financial district and to work in Tribeca. He worked in New York for a little over 3 years from 2010-2012 and after coming back from London from 2013-2014. Over his time in New York, he provided financial advisory for industrial companies located all over the world. Within Industrials, the group covers companies within aerospace and defense, automotive, building products, diversified industrials, transportation, infrastructure, paper, forest products and packaging. Ryan spent the majority of his time working with small, mid, and large cap companies in the transportation sector.

From 2012-2013, Ryan Van Wagenen continued his professional career in London with Citi as an expat in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa Investment Banking group for a year. This year was some of the most fun he had on the job. While in London, he continued to work with transportation companies and mainly focused on aircraft leasing, shipping, surface transportation and logistics. Although the job required working somewhere between 80-100 hours a week, he still managed to find time to travel around Europe with his work friends a couple times a month, mainly on the weekends. Some of his favorite countries to visit were Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Greece.

A little over a year after his return to New York, Ryan was given an opportunity to work with the global energy group out of Houston, Texas. He was intrigued by this opportunity due to his love of Texas and the fact that many of the largest deals in the bank were coming out of Citi’s energy group in Houston during that time. Citi had also recently hired one of the top energy investment bankers and the group was ranked at the top of the league tables in all the key categories related to energy.  Ryan has been in the great state of Texas for a little over three years. When he first moved to Houston, he also had the great opportunity of living with his Uncle, who had recently retired as CEO and sold his E&P energy company. Through the job and the great luck of living with an expert in the sector, Ryan developed a liking for the energy sector. Within energy, he covered companies within oil field services, upstream, midstream and downstream energy. After over 5 years at Citi, Ryan advised over 20 corporate clients on ~$7 billion of M&A and ~$10 billion of capital market transactions.

One day while in Houston, Ryan had a chance meeting with a group head at UBS. They began to speak about a business development role that sounded pretty interesting. After a few months of developing a relationship with this group head, Ryan decided to move over to UBS and spent a little over 2 years in a Vice President role for the firm. He was responsible for sourcing investment banking and capital markets deals and assisting with private wealth on-boarding.

Ryan Van Wagenen received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Utah where he graduated summa cum laude. During his time at university, he took two years off to go on a church service mission in North Carolina. Prior to the U, he grew up a few blocks from the Rose Bowl in the Los Angeles area. In recent years, Ryan has become more involved with philanthropy, actively participating in the Prostate Cancer Foundation and a number of other local charities in Houston, New York and Los Angeles.